Twenty-two national parks, monuments, historic sites and other areas affiliated with the National Park Service system are in the state of Arizona, with five of them in Southern Arizona: Saguaro National Park, Tumacácori National Historical Park, Chiricahua National Monument, Fort Bowie National Historic Site and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. 



Chiricahua Monument is a natural and historical wonder. Here you’ll find beautiful views, extensive hiking trails and unique geology. Unusual rock formations, called hoodoos, dominate the scenery.

There is a visitor center with geology and cultural history exhibits. Be sure to pick up a trail guide showing the various hiking trails within the park.

The U.S. Senate recently OK’d a bill to turn the national monument into Chiricahua National Park.




Saguaro National Park is unique in the national park system, in that it has two locations to both the east and west of Tucson. The park is so named for the giant saguaro cactus, the largest in the country, which is prolific in the park.

The eastern Rincon Mountain section of the park features Cactus Forest Drive, a loop road that winds among the impressive desert landscape. The western section of the park lies in the Tucson Mountain District west of Tucson. Scenic hiking trails are in both sections of the park. Both regions have a visitors center manned by park ranges. Don’t miss the movie with breathtaking views of the park.