Guests that rent on the 300 & 700 row are expected to comply with the following rules



  1. Parking setback requirements of RV from property lines: Five (5) feet from the utility side.  RV must be parked parallel to the sides of the lot and face the street.
  2. Renters must have Co-op Parking staff present when moving onto a site initially.
  3. A serviceable fifty (50) foot hose with nozzle, supplied by renter, must be connected to the second water faucet on the utility side of the lot and is for fire prevention purposes. Anti-siphon devices are the property of the Co-op and must not be removed.
  4. One RV, two vehicles, 1 golf cart and 2 motorcycles are permitted per lot.
  5. Washing of vehicles is permitted with the use of an automatic shutoff nozzle.
  6. Renters leaving the park for more than 24 hours must check out and in with the office. A key is to be left with the office or someone living within the park with the right to Enter and/or Move the unit.  All information pertaining to the matter MUST be on file in the office before leaving the park.
  7. 7. A tight fitting rubber donut or screw-on type sewer hose connection is

MANDATORY.  All sewer connections must slope towards the sewer drain, and NO sewer hose may touch the lot surface.  If no support is available, the sewer hose must be disconnected and stored immediately after dumping.  Temporarily disconnecting sewer hose and leaving it on the ground is NOT permitted.  Sewer  hose drain must be capped when not in use.  Sewer hose must be stored when  not in use.  These are County Health Department requirements.

  1. Temporary shelters such as tents and screened rooms or temporary storage units, are not permitted.
  1. Lots may be equipped for the in-ground insertion for a collapsible type clothesline

which the renter may acquire and use. A small collapsible RV type clothesline may also be used.  Clotheslines must be retracted or collapsed from sunset to    sunrise and when not in use.  Renters may not attach any item or tie-off to  storage buildings, trees, or other fixtures.

  1. All propane tanks (except those of 100 gallons or more) must be secured via  cable, strap  or chain to an RV, rigid support, a secure hold-down device  or stored in an appropriate retainer.
  1. Lots may not be used as places of business and no business signs shall be displayed on the ground or structure.
  1. PARK TRAILERS are prohibited for all short and long term rentals.



  1. The park speed limit is fifteen (15) MPH for all vehicles, at all times.
  2. When operated at night, all vehicles must have a white light on the front and a  red reflector on the rear.
  1. Bicycles are to be ridden on paved roads only.
  2. Park only in designated areas. Handicapped parking by permit only. Overnight  parking in storage area is not permitted.
  1. All RV’s must be unhooked.  A tow vehicle may be hooked up when planning to  leave early the next morning but must not extend into road.
  2. Do not idle engines for longer than five minutes.
  3. Any guest who rents for more than seven (7) days must store their utility trailer, car dolly and /or boat in the park storage area if space is available.

Management will assign storage space and will assist with parking the            renter. If Co-op storage is unavailable, there are options for storage outside the park.

  1. All licensed and motorized vehicles must display the appropriate identifying

Co-op ID tag on their vehicle’s rearview mirror or lower right-hand corner of the windshield (passenger’s side).

  1. All vehicles (RV’s, trailers, utility trailers and motor vehicles) must possess current

Vehicle registrations and current license plates, whether on lots or in storage.


Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Generator hours: 7:00-9:00AM and 4:30-7:00 PM.



  1. Household garbage must be bagged prior to placing it in the dumpsters.

Dumpsters are for household garbage and trash only. Recycling containers are provided for aluminum cans.

  1.  NO outdoor garbage cans are allowed.
  2. NO landscape vegetation trimmings may be placed in the dumpsters. They must  be placed in the vegetation trailer located in the Storage Area next to the Facilities building.
  1. All other items, such as and including vehicle batteries, tires, oil, paints, household appliances, or HAZARDOUS materials MUST be transported to the Benson Transfer Station.
  2. NO LITTERING! All cigarette butts and other litter must be disposed of in the appropriate containers.



No wood fires or uncontained fires are allowed on RV lots.



  1. Repair or overhaul of vehicles is prohibited on all Co-op property.

Two RV’s are allowed on your lot for a maximum of 5 days with a permit clearly displayed.

  1. Non-Escapee guests of 300 & 700 Row renters visiting in their own RV are welcome to rent in the Co-op provided the renter is in residence.  Such guests may stay for a maximum of seven (7) days per stay with a maximum of fourteen (14) days per year, on a full hook-up lot, or in the Dry Camp area for the period of time established for that area.
  1. All rentals MUST first register in the office.
  2. When overnight guests visit renters in the renter’s RV, the visit is limited to fourteen (14) days per visit with a maximum of twenty-eight (28) days per year per individual.


Children are welcome guests provided they comply with the Co-op Rules, including the following:

  1. Children must be under direct adult supervision at all times, and must not trespass on terraces and other renter’s or leaseholder’s lots.
  1. Children are restricted from games of chance, playing pool and using exercise equipment in the Clubhouse.
  1. Children are NOT allowed to operate golf carts in the park.
  2. Escapees with minor children are welcome to stay in the Co-op for a maximum of fourteen (14) days per stay with a maximum of twenty-eight (28) days per year.



      PET OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTION OF AND  DAMAGE CAUSED BY THEIR PETS.  Remember all people don’t have the  same affection for your pet that you do. Please keep them off of and don’t  allow them to do their job on other’s lots.  There is a Pet Area available.

  1. No potentially dangerous or objectionable pet is allowed in the Co-op. The Co-op has the right and authority to reasonably determine that any pet is making objectionable noises or constituting a nuisance, inconvenience, or potential danger to other residents and to take such action as it deems reasonable necessary to correct the problem.
  1. A limit of three (3) pets per rig.
  2. No pet, other than service dogs are allowed in any Co-op building, recreational area or on any lot other than the pet owner’s.
  1. When off the renter’s lot, pets shall be on a six foot leash.
  2. Pet defecation, both inside and outside the park, MUST BE PROMPTLY CLEANED UP, securely bagged and placed in a trash container by the owner.
  1. Objectionable pet noise is prohibited.
  2. Pets are not to be fenced or tied outside if owner is away from the lot.
  3. Pet fence may be used with a maximum height of 2’.



  1. For health and safety reasons, DO NOT FEED WILD OR STRAY ANIMALS.
  2. Door-to-door soliciting.

Personal preferences, religious, political or otherwise, are not to be imposed upon others. Co-op facilities may not be used for partisan political functions. This does not intend to prohibit or encourage having a forum, with the approval of the Board, to discuss local city/county issues with or without candidates for office or elected officials. Co-op facilities may not be used for religious services (defined as worship according to a prescribed form or order, e.g., denominational, sectarian-specific religious activities). The prohibition does not necessarily prohibit the singing of spiritual songs in programs presented on recognized religious holidays, nor of an occasional song as part of a SKP entertainment program, nor of a non-sectarian prayer before an organized meal.

  1. Verbal or physical threats and/or abuse to any other member, renter, guest, manager or staff may result in expulsion from the Co-op property and termination of the rental agreement.
  1. SMOKING is not allowed in any Co-op building.
  2. Only three (3) washers and three (3) dryers per leaseholder or renter may be used at a time between the hours of 8:30AM  and 3:00PM (October 1 through March 31)
  1. Driving across dry camp sites whether occupied or unoccupied.
  2. Trespassing on any lot.
  3. Walking on or making unauthorized changes to Co-op common areas (terraces,  etc.)
  1. Birdseed feeders. (Fallout from these cause weeds and attracts snakes and rodents.)



  1. There shall be no unsightly storage on lots. (Grills, propane tanks, tables, chairs, and bicycles are allowed.)  All lots, RV’s, and personal property on a lot or in storage shall meet standards established by the Co-op for maintenance and appearance.  Should failure to maintain any of these items require corrective action and cause expense to the Co-op, such expense shall be charged as a fee to the renter.
  1. Household appliances are not allowed outside the owner’s RV or building.
  2. Ham radio antennas must be whip-type and secured to the RV.
  3. The Co-op reserves the right to enter the lot to maintain any trees, shrubs and/or perform other maintenance as required.





  1.  Extra vehicles, etc may be stored in the Co-op storage area on a space available basis, for a fee.
  1. All campers and camper shells shall be supported and secured to the ground.
  1. NO DEAD STORAGE IS ALLOWED. Any item not removed in an       eighteen-month period shall be disposed of after a 45-day written notice, by certified mail, to the owner if known.



Renters are responsible and financially liable for any damage or injury caused

by them, their guests, and/or pets.



  1. Management can require corrective action for any problem or situation it deems necessary. 
  2. Failure to comply with these Rules may result In expulsion from the park without refund of the rent or release under the contract. 
  3. As necessary these rules may be revised or additions made. Other rules and regulations may apply. Refer to revision date for the latest version. Any questions regarding rules compliance should be directed to the office before taking any action.